Perton Manor residents had a visit today from member of the Dutch Army including the Regimental Commander, Warrant Officer and various soldiers including a wounded soldier from their Yugoslavia and Afghanistan campaigns. In addition, there was the Managing Director of the Natural Burial Company, Angus Dunphy (a published historian) and a few Parish Council representatives.
The event was a big success and residents GB, TS, KM and BT all got involved with serving tea, coffee and cakes to the visitors.  Damo did an amazing job of providing all home cooked scones and cakes to the attendees which went down a treat.  Sam and Ron on Red’s were also a credit to the home, with Sam leading the charge on service and Ron passing on his impressive knowledge of the local area and the role it played during the war.
The Regiment Commander presented me with a plaque and a traditional Netherlands Military Lanyard (which looks like a noose?!) and drank a toast to their fallen soldiers and also to Perton Manor.