Perton Manor


Specialist Care for for People Living with Complex Mental Health Needs

What we will do for your Family Member

Perton Manor provides care and accommodation for up to 50 clients. We are registered to care for over 45s who are living with Dementia and/or other complex mental health needs.

Our core strength lies in the specialist nursing care that we deliver to our clients.

All of our staff have a high level of specialist mental health training and work alongside external multidisciplinary teams as well as our own Dementia Services Specialist offering therapeutic interventions to our client group.

We assess and evaluate each client’s circumstances and health on a regular basis, which is a key element in delivering the appropriate care each individual wants and needs.

Each plan of care and therapeutic prescription is tailored to each client’s individual needs.


maintaining family life at Perton Manor
maintaining family life at Perton Manor

We are committed to providing the very highest standard of care. To achieve this, all of our care staff receive on-going training above and beyond mandatory courses. Investment in the staff working for us and their training, is paramount to sustaining exceptional, person-centred care delivery.

Central to our culture is the wellbeing of our clients. That means we aim to give them the life they want rather than simply managing the disease.

We provide a warm and welcoming environment to meet the needs of clients, in order for us to offer as much independence and stimulation as possible within safe boundaries inside and outside the home.

We recognise that no two people are the same and our care programmes are designed to work with each client’s individual personality. We provide a range of activities designed to promote well-being and therapeutic intervention, specific to the needs of each client.

Central to our culture is the well-being of our clients. Our aim is always to deliver beyond simply an ‘adequate’ quality of care, to give our clients the individual care and attention they desire, rather than just managing the disease.  This enables our clients to live the fullest lives possible whilst in our care.