Perton Manor


Specialist Care for People Living with Complex Mental Health Needs

About Us


Our purpose is to provide specialist care to those who need it and to create the motivation for life.



To be the number 1 specialist care provider across the UK and a world-leading authority in our field of specialist care.



We will create regional centres of excellence for specialist care. These centres will be run by highly trained and highly motivated specialist nurses and carers who put the wellbeing of our clients first and be the best they can be in the area of specialist care. These centres of excellence will push the boundaries of specialist care to ensure that the best care is always provided, and the vision achieved.


Values and Culture

Central to our culture is to create the motivation for life. This core value extends beyond the physical health of our clients and encompasses their mental and emotional health…their wellbeing. It’s vital that our clients don’t simply exist but live as full a life as is possible.

To deliver the best quality of life we strive to push the boundaries of the care we offer and be leaders for other homes to follow.

All our people who work in our homes care for our clients. We recognise that this takes a special kind of person, and we work to help them stay motivated and happy with their work, provide first-class training and support them in meeting their future career aspirations.



Perton Manor is a single storey, purpose-built specialist care home on 4 ½ acres of land with vast communal space. We have a field to the side of the property which we intend to develop.

Perton Manor falls under the management umbrella of Capulet Care owned and managed by Juliet Briggs.

We provide accommodation for 50 persons in single ensuite rooms.

We hold registration for 50 clients (of mixed sex over the age of 45 years) with nursing, and we are able to care for those who have mental illness, dementia, sensory disorder, physical disability.

We provide end-of-life care and are also able to provide day care services seven days per week.

As a home we are contracted with South Staffordshire County Council, CCG and surrounding local authorities.

Emergency admissions are accepted by the home. We are well known for providing crisis intervention management in an emergency for those clients who cannot be looked after in their present environment.