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Juliet Briggs is co-owner of both Perton Manor and Woodford House.

She is supported by a Central management Team who manage back office functions, HR and Training. She also has central Nurse, Care and Wellbeing managers who support the teams in both homes.

Each Home has a nursing team and a large care team who have either completed Health & Social Care Diplomas in care or are registered on a programme at present. In addition to the extensive care provided, each home also has a dedicated well-being, housekeeping, kitchen, maintenance and admin teams.

Juliet Briggs - Perton Manor

Juliet Briggs – Owner

Mrs. Juliet Briggs has been a Registered Manager for Woodford House in 2001. She is an RGN who holds a Bsc (Hons) Health Studies, Diploma in Management studies and the Registered Managers Award. She became a Registered Nurse in 1987 and graduated to management before becoming a Registered Manager.

Juliet also owns Woodford House  nursing home in Trysull, South Staffordshire.

Juliet founded Capulet Care to provide a central brand and support operation for her homes. In Capulet Care she has formed a central management team to provide that support.

Jennifer Brittain - Perton Manor

Jennifer Brittain – Home Manager

After starting as a Care Practitioner at Woodford House in 2011 Jen progressed to the role of Care Team Manager whilst completing her level 3 Health and Social Care qualification. Later transferring to sister-home, Perton Manor, she progressed through Assistant Care Manager to Care Manager. In 2018 Jen became Head of Care for Capulet Care, responsible for the standard of care in both care homes. During this time Jen also completed her Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care.

In 2020 Jen successfully passed a rigorous interview process to return to Perton manor as its Home Manager. Her knowledge, experience and strong relationships has meant she has been able to hit the ground running and be the home manager Perton Manor needs.

“I love what I do. Knowing that we can make such a difference to each resident in our home is so rewarding. Like our sister homes, our home is completely person-centred, and I am proud of the high standard of care that we deliver. I really don’t want to work anywhere else and see Capulet Care giving me a career for life.”

Patrice Nash - Perton Manor

Patrice Nash – Clinical Lead Nurse

Patrice is an experienced RGN with 10 years post registration, she has dedicated her career to elderly care, working in various elderly care environments, from acute care of the elderly in the NHS, to elderly care in nursing homes.

Patrice is passionate about working with the elderly and especially those who have been diagnosed with Dementia and challenging behaviours.

Patrice joined Perton Manor in June 2019 as a clinical lead nurse, where she leads her skilled nursing team to ensure her residents are well cared for and holds a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care.

“I enjoy every day that I spend at Perton Manor, as no two days are the same, I am passionate about ensuring that my residents receive the best individualised care that is possible. I believe that by empowering our staff, through training and mentorship programmes, we are able to deliver the person-centred care our clients need”.

Amy Baxter - Perton Manor

Amy Baxter – Care Manager

Amy began her career in care at Perton Manor when she was 18. At that age she didn’t know what career she actually wanted but soon discovered that care was it and she couldn’t see herself doing anything else.

After 12 months of learning, Amy successfully applied for the role of Lead Care Practitioner. The management team however, having seen her capabilities, promoted Amy up to Care Team Manager where she became responsible for running shifts and managing others.

The more Amy learned about mental health, the more interested she became in the subject and, in particular, in medication. Juliet and her managers are very supportive of those who want to do well and they put Amy through medication training.

Amy now works occasional Nurse Assistant shifts, which she finds very interesting as she’s learning even more about mental health and medication.

In 2017 Amy felt confident enough and ready to advance her career further. She applied for the role of Assistant Care Manager, was promoted into the position and transferred to our sister home Woodford House to support the Care Manager there.

Within 11 months Amy was back at Perton Manor as Care Manager. Amy is currently studying her Level 4 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

“Since filling in the application form for Perton Manor I have never looked back – it was the best decision I ever made. The relationships I have with the clients here are special and I’m proud to say that I work for such an amazing company. Throughout my journey here the management team couldn’t have supported me more and for that I am so thankful.”

Emily Curtis - Perton Manor

Emily Curtis – Assistant Care Manager

Emily started her career as a Care Practitioner at Perton Manor in 2014 and was promoted in August 2016 to Lead Care Practitioner where she gained more knowledge, experience and training. After 6 months being in the lead role, Emily was then promoted to Care Team Manager. Throughout, Capulet and Perton management mentored and supported Emily to ensure that at each stage She was ready for the role and building towards the next one.

Later in 2017 the position of Assistant Care Manager became available and Emily felt that she was ready for another step in her career. After having a successful interview, she was appointed the role.

“When I joined, I was told of the potential career progressions and opportunities within the company but never thought I would be where I am now.”

Natalie Asprey - Perton Manor

Natalie Asprey – Assistant Care Manager

Natalie began her career at Perton Manor 5 years ago. Before starting her journey with Capulet she had no idea what career path to choose, however it soon became apparent that Natalie was on the right path, and care was where she wanted to be. Natalie is passionate about working with the elderly and strives to make a difference in their lives.

With the right support, training and guidance Natalie has seen herself progress from Care Practitioner to Lead Care Practitioner to Care Team Manager to Assistant Care Manager. Natalie completed her Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care in less than a year and is now aiming to complete her Level 4 Diploma.

“I had no idea what career path I was going to choose, and when I saw a vacancy for Perton Manor I applied and have never looked back. I have had the pleasure of supporting the clients over the years, and then being able to progress and support the care team as well. Thanks to Capulet Care’s career progression opportunities, I have been able to climb the ladder as well as earn qualifications, and for that I am very thankful.”

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