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Juliet Briggs is the owner of Capulet Care and the homes and services that fall under its management.

She is supported by a Central management Team which consists of Operations, Finance, Clinical services, Specialist Care, HR, admin services and Training.

This team of Directors and Managers support the homes from a higher-level perspective to ensure that high quality care is being delivered, they are compliant, and they run effectively.

Each nursing home has its own management team to ensure the smooth running of the home. The Home Manager, Clinical Nurse Manager and Care Manager are supported by the nursing team and a large care team who have either completed Health & Social Care Diplomas in care or are registered on a programme at present. In addition to the extensive care provided, each home also has dedicated living well, housekeeping, kitchen, maintenance and admin teams.

Juliet Briggs - Perton Manor

Juliet Briggs – Owner

Mrs. Juliet Briggs has been a Registered Manager since 2001. She is a Registered Nurse who holds a Bsc (Hons) Health Studies, Diploma in Management studies and the Registered Managers Award. She became a Registered Nurse in 1987 and graduated to NHS and private hospital management before becoming a Registered Manager.

Juliet founded Capulet Care to provide a central brand and support operation for her homes. In Capulet Care she has formed a central management team to provide that support.

Stephanie Smith - Perton Manor

Stephanie Smith – Home Manager

Stephanie started working in care in 2001 and joined Capulet Care’s Home, Woodford House in 2008 as a Care Practitioner. After a break on maternity leave, Steph returned to the company in 2013, working at the sister home, Perton Manor, where she was fast-tracked through the care team and became Care Manager in November 2015.

12 months later Steph returned to Woodford House, promoted into the role of Home Manager and has since attained a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care.

In 2021, a vacancy opened up for the position of Home Manager at Perton Manor. Steph wanted to take on the challenge of managing a larger nursing home and successfully applied for the position. She is currently embracing a pathway of further professional development and looking to the future.

“I love what I do and aspire to be the best, overcoming each challenge that arises, with support from the home staff and central management team. Knowing that we are able to make a difference to our clients’ lives, brings me a sense of satisfaction both professionally and personally.”

Emily Curtis - Perton Manor

Emily Curtis – Care Manager

Emily started her career as a Care Practitioner at Perton Manor in 2014 and was promoted to Lead Care Practitioner in 2016. Over the following 6 months, she quickly gained further knowledge and experience and was promoted again, into the role of Care Team Manager.

Emily was offered continuous support and mentoring to further develop her skills. So, when in 2017, the position of Assistant Care Manager became available, Emily felt that she was ready for the next step in her career and interviewed successfully for the role.

By 2021 Emily had steadily maintained the role of Assistant Care Manager for 4 years and yearned for further progression. Unfortunately, there were no current vacancies, so Emily made the difficult decision to leave the company. However, it was a matter of weeks before Emily realised that Perton was where she was happiest and asked to be re-employed.

As a company restructure was underway, the position of Care Manager became available. Emily applied and was once again, successful. She is now working towards a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management and is excited about what the future holds.

“When I joined, I was told of the potential career progressions and opportunities within the company but never thought I would be where I am now.”

Lisa Watkiss - Perton Manor

Lisa Watkiss – Acting Assistant Care Manager


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